Welcome to Arnhög Farm, situated just a short walk from the white sandy beaches of beautiful Österlen. We - Lena and Roland - moved here from Canada in October 2018. Our vision is to create a place where people and animals like to hang out, filled with joy, creativity and love. Arnhög is close to the Baltic sea and the beach that continue all the way to the nature reserve of Sandhammaren, the far south east corner of Sweden. We have beautiful trails for hiking, biking or horseback riding and a vivid countryside with charming villages and small towns. Österlen has a super nice mixture of farmers, fishermen, artists and entrepreneurs. There are plenty of things to see and do, whether you are in for nature, shopping, food, culture and/or sightseeing experiences.  We moved from the Rockies to a horizontal landscape with open air and shifting light. There is plenty of space at Arnhög Farm, in one of the traditional Skåne buildings on the farm we have two newly restored flats for rent on weekly basis. You can bring your dog and your horse. If you are creative and want to paint, sculpture or write while staying at Arnhög we have studios that you can use We are working hard for the moment, fixing up buildings for events and courses. We have recently installed145 solar panels on one of the roofs, we will continuously monitor the effect and hope to inspire others to invest in green power. We are glad you found our website and welcome you to our little paradise Arnhög. Lena and Roland