Taiji/Qigong - the art of longevity

In qigong you practice balance, flexibility, coordination, breath and meditation. The movements are soft, most of them are done in standing position. The purpose is to keep your body healthy, and to strengthen your mind so it can handle stress without getting stressed. Qigong is for everyone, no previous experience needed. It is a competition free zone where you  only focus on your own body and mind. 
Taiji is the next level in this Shaolin tradition. In taiji you are using the energy you get from qigong, you use this energy in slow, precise martial art movements. By practicing taiji you will improve your ability to focus, without getting stressed and tense.  

To be relaxed but still alert. To be able to cope with stressful situations, without getting stressed. This is what we practice during my qigong/taiji lessons. 

Carlos Luna is my qigong/taiji master. I met this fashinating man 20 years ago and begun my inner and outer journey to become a certified teachers in his philosophy. Strength in combination with flexibility. Toughness in combination with endless love. Playfulness in combination with wisdom. This is Carlos, and this is the reason why I keep on practicing every day. I am so happy to share this with you.